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Bos Attic is always trying to improve our services and Consignors experience.   

Our store is run on old fashion charm with some technology infused for convenience.
Even though you can store all your pictures and read your book from your wireless phone and tablet.
Some still like to flip thru books manually.   Take the photo album out.   Sit on the furniture before purchasing.
This also applies to our clothes and many of the items you see when visiting our store.

Our website currently provides the basics of information you may need.
 But,  is that enough!
Usually technology is a double edge sword, although access can be swift and convenient.  There is a cost.
We have more than 20,000 viewers view a month.

Question  1..... As a Consignor would you want Bos Attic to create an Online store to list your items for sale?

Listing any item for sale, requires information about the item,  and at least one picture.

Question 2.....  As a Consignor would you be willing to provide the  information about the item and picture?

Each item sold might require packaging and shipping.

Question 3.... As a Consignor would you be willing to share the cost of packaging and shipping?

Last of course,  would be, if the item was to be returned to Bos Attic.

Returned items do not happen often.   But we do have to have a processes in place.

QUESTION 4....  As a Consignor would you be willing to share the expense of a refund.

The information we receive will assist us to determine if we should invest in an Online Store.

At the bottom of this inquiry, you can provide your feedback to Bos Attic.

Thank you for your time and input.
Kind Regards
Bos Attic Consignment and Thrift Shop.

Consignor Account Aggreement
Consignment with Bos Attic
About Bos Attic
There has been times, I wanted to just make some room in my closet for a few thing I just picked up.
It occurred to me, I should have boxed up clothing that I just don't wear and make some extra cash.
If you have nearly new looking garments and accessories that you no longer need.
Bo's Attic would love to sell them for you.


Website Address:

Support email address;

All About Bo's Attic Consignments
A consignment for this purpose is goods delivered to an agent (Bo's Attic) for the purpose of sale.
The ownership of the goods remains the same. The agent (Bo's Attic) sells the goods on behalf of
the owner/sender according to the agents instructions.

How the Consignment Pricing Works.
Our store staff are equipped with the fashion know-how to accurately price any garment that you
may want to consign.  Items are generally priced at 50-60% of their original retail value, depending
on condition and style.  If your item is new with tags, we will price it at approximately 50% of the
price listed on the tag.

Return Policy
  • All items must be returned with in 14 days.
  • All items must have the original tags
  • If item(s) are not as described, contact by email bosattic@
  •        with in 7 business days.
  • All used items are sold as is. No return is offered.

We're ready to get started
  First is through an in-store appointment with our associate. The second is by dropping off your clothes at our location.
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